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Halloweensie Writing Contest 2020

It's time for another writing contest!


This is hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill and is intended for #kidlit authors who want to challenge themselves to write a short story and potentially win awesome prizes!

Here are a few of the requirements:

-write a story with a full arc

-must be for children ages 12 and under

-must be 100 words or less

-must use the words (or a form of these words): skeleton, mask, creep

-must be a Halloween story (not just a spooky story happening on a random night)

You can read about the contest rules/requirements/prizes by clicking here.

Last year, I won 6th place in this contest (out of 325 people), so the pressure is on this year! But I'm not going to beat myself up if I lose. You can check out that story by clicking here and scrolling down to the section titled "My Writing Accomplishments."

This year, my entry is inspired by my MG novel. Since most of that plot centers around a wedding, I thought it'd be fun to write about a Halloween wedding. So, without further ado, here is my Halloweensie piece.


Graveyard Wedding

By: Maryna Doughty

Word Count: 100

Lifting the veil, Uncle SkeleTony unmasked Aunt SkeleTina’s skull. “Till death do us part.”

They walked happily down the aisle, joint at the hip.

I straightened Aunt SkeleTina’s train for the final picture. “Where’re you guys vacationing for your Halloween honeymoon?” I asked.

Aunt SkeleTina pondered. “A place where bones are appreciated and loved.” She gazed across the graveyard then gasped. “That plot of land looks perfect!”

Uncle SkeleTony swooped his bride and crept over. “Quite Spacious. No crowded tombstones.” They tumbled into the grassy ground. “May our love last forever and ever!”

“Wait!” I squealed. “That’s a dog park!”

Photo by Max Anz on Unsplash

Thanks for reading!

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