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Sincerely, Diary

An illustrated novel for tweens ages 8-12.

Published Nov. 4, 2023

Where’s the safest place to keep your deepest secrets?

After an embarrassing assignment at school, sixth grader Annamarie Nilsson vows to only write her secrets in a diary. Secrets like wanting a best friend. And envying her dad’s favoritism of her younger sister. And the fact that she’s been spying on the neighbor girl who buries things in the creek.

What Annamarie doesn’t expect is that her diary can write back to her!

Diary encourages Annamarie to stay true to herself. However, she slowly makes changes to win her dad’s approval and the popular girls’ acceptance.

But will someone find out her secrets and put Annamarie’s reputation on the line? Unfortunately, Annamarie isn’t the only one hiding things. It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

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      Confessions Temporary Cover.png

      Confessions of a Stepsister

      For tweens ages 10-12. Coming soon!


      Something old. Something new. Something borrowed—stolen too!


      All twelve-year-old Emerald Pope wants is her mother’s love. She’d do anything to feel like a priority. But since her mom left, that’s never been an option. Now that Emma’s dad is getting remarried, she’s got a second chance at being a mother’s priority with her soon-to-be stepmom, Diana. One evil plan and a few lies later, Emma sabotages her stepsister, Charity, hoping to steal the coveted maid-of-honor role. But one misstep could destroy everything, and if discovered, Emma’s secret scheme may end in disaster.


      All twelve-year-old Charity wants is a baby sister. When she finds out she’s getting a stepsister instead, disappointment sets in. Charity tries to get along with her stepsister. But she keeps messing up. When Charity suspects something off about Emma, she hunts for clues, stumbling upon shocking evidence. As Charity learns to forgive, she realizes God’s redemptive plan for all who are guilty. Still, Charity wrestles with the questions: Are all relationships repairable? And will God give her a baby sister?

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