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Free Teaching Resources!

Yes, that's right. I made a whole bundle of writing mini lessons, and they're all free for you to use!

But why?

Why did I spend hours and hours recording videos and making rubrics and handouts and writing assignments when I'm not even getting paid for all this?

Hmm...I seriously did ALL that without getting paid? Am I crazy?



Well, I did it because I love teaching, and I want to connect with teachers in a way that feels authentic to me. Being a former language arts teacher, and now a writer, I feel the most comfortable teaching writing.

A few weeks ago, I reached out to some of my teacher friends and asked them what kind of reading or writing resources would be most helpful for them in the classroom. Most of the responses I got were about topic sentences and writing a good paragraph. So, that's what I set out to create. And I wanted to share it with other teachers, too.

The lessons were made with a 4th/5th grade class in mind, but you can always tweak the material to make it more suitable for your students.

So, here you go. If you want an already-made writing lesson to make your teaching life easier, then check out my videos, handouts, and rubrics on the "For Teachers" page on my website.

And if there's something else you're looking for, then feel free to let me know what kind of reading/writing content you'd like to see next. Head to the poll at the bottom of my "For Teachers" tab and let me know.



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