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Author Interview: A Unique Route to Getting Published

Hi, Everyone!

Today on the blog, I’m doing an interview featuring my friend—and critique partner!—Sarah Meade! This is super exciting for me because Sarah and I have worked together for two years exchanging work and giving each other feedback in hopes of getting our work published, and now, Sarah is officially published in a poetry book! Yippee!

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to her!

Maryna: Hi, Sarah! Tell us a little bit about your poem. What’s the title and what is it about?

Sarah: Hi, Maryna! I’m thrilled to have my poem “Rainbow Dance” featured in the new Pomelo poetry anthology, Hop To It: Poems To Get You Moving.

I’ve been interested in writing poetry since I was in elementary school. My poems were published in my school newspaper, as well as the magazine The 21st Century (now Teen Ink: When I started writing for children two years ago, I also began writing poetry again, this time for children as well. My poems have been published in Babybug and Ladybug. This is my first publication in a book, and I’m thrilled about it!

My poem “Rainbow Dance” teaches the colors of the rainbow in order with a fun movement for each color. I hope that children can enjoy reading the poem, doing the movements, and learning or reviewing the colors of the rainbow in a fun way.

Above: Sarah hopping to it!

Maryna: That’s great! What a fun way to combine exercise with learning. What was the inspiration behind your poem?

Sarah: Since I taught elementary school for ten years, I often try to include levels of learning in my writing, including poetry. I submit many poems and stories to magazines, and “Rainbow Dance” was originally written as a response to a specific submissions call for poems and stories about movement.

Maryna: Where can people buy this poetry book?

Sarah: Here’s more info about the book:

Maryna: This is just one of the many things you’ve written. Tell us, what else do you enjoy writing about?

Sarah: I love writing for children—poetry, short stories, and picture books, but I’m also trying my hand at chapter books and middle grade novels as well. I particularly enjoy writing retellings of fairy tales, as well as stories about holidays and/or unusual animals.

Maryna: Where can people find more of your work?

Sarah: Here is a link to my website

Maryna: Thanks so much for sharing this exciting publication with us! I can’t wait to hear about the many more publications in the future.

Sarah Meade has loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She taught elementary school for ten years and coached the Elementary Battle of the Books team. Her poetry has been published in BABYBUG and LADYBUG. Her story GIBBON'S VALENTINE'S SURPRISE won third place in Susanna Hill's Valentiny contest. In March she participated as an “authlete (author athlete) in Madness! Poetry. Sarah is an avid reader and worked as a reader intern for a literary agent this year.

Follow Sarah on Twitter!: @SarahJWMeade

Click here to check out one of her recent magazine publications.

Writers, if you're looking for a unique way to get published, check out the HOP TO IT poetry anthology to see what kinds of poems they publish. This might be the route for you in order to break into the KidLit industry!

Parents and teachers, poetry is a great way for your kids to get excited about reading. Pairing poems with movement is especially good for little ones who don't like to sit still. This book is the perfect excuse for them to move around while learning to read.



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