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FREE Bible Verse Study Sheet

Grow your faith and your confidence in relationships

In the Sheet, You'll Get:

-Three pages of study

-90+ verses that will help you deal with toxic people

-Categorized into these 16 different sections:

  1. Words Are Harmful and a Form of Abuse

  2. When to Speak Up vs. When to Stay Silent

  3. Confronting Someone

  4. What To Do When You Stand Up for Yourself and the Person Refuses to Listen

  5. Helping Someone vs. Taking Full Responsibility for Someone

  6. When Someone Tries to Guilt-Trip You

  7. Do Not Share Vulnerable Parts of Yourself with People Who Don't Value You

  8. It Is Biblical to Distance Yourself from Destructive People

  9. How Jesus Dealt with People Who Didn't Value Him

  10. Family Members Can/Will Be Your Enemies

  11. Fractured Families

  12. What Jesus Says about Family

  13. What a Christ-Centered Family Should Do

  14. Pray for Your Enemies Instead of Taking Revenge

  15. Forgiveness

  16. Determine If Someone's Repentance Is Genuine and If It's Safe to Reconcile


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