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FREE Novel Studies & Reading/Writing Activities for 5th grade
For Subscribers Only

Here, you'll find novel studies that pair with middle-grade books, and you'll find reading/writing activities. This is exclusive content for subscribers only. Please do not share this link with anyone.

Terms of Use: 

These resources were created by Maryna Doughty. They may be printed and photocopied for single classroom use. They may not be put on the Internet, sold, or distributed in any form.


If your colleagues or team teachers would like these resources, please send them the following link: ( so they can sign up and have these resources sent directly to their email.

365 Days to Alaska cover.jpeg

Novel Study Bonuses:

365 Days to Alaska

This guide includes a list of Before, During, and After activities. Discussion questions. Compare/Contrast activities. Informational Brochure activity. Persuasive Essay Project. A list of similar novels. And more! Click here to download the guide.

Novel Study:

The Canyon's Edge

This guide includes a list of Before, During, and After activities. A list of vocab words. Pictures for some of the vocab. Discussion questions. A list of similar novels. And more! Click here to download the guide.

The Canyon's Edge_book cover.jpeg

Novel Study for ANY Novel:

This guide includes worksheets for vocabulary, inferences, comparing/contrasting, plot structure, point of view, and a final project & presentation. RUBRICS FOR EVERY WORKSHEET are also included. Click here to download.

Cover Page Picture.png

Similes & Metaphors Task Cards:

This includes 20 task cards on similes and metaphors, a reference sheet explaining similes & metaphors, a student answer sheet, and an answer key. Click here to download.

Task Cards Cover Photo.png

Book Talk Exit Cards

This includes 4 different exit cards for book talks, ideas for how to use the exit cards, an overview of how to do a book talk, and correlating standards for book talks. Click here to download.

Book Talk Cover Pic.png

Reader's Workshop Check-in Sheet

This includes a check-in sheet and a set of tips for how to use this sheet in Reader's Workshop. Click here to download.

Check-in Sheet Thumbnail 1.png
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