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Title: Confessions of a Stepsister

Finished manuscript

Type of Novel: Middle-grade (ages 8-12)

Log line: A jealous girl sabotages her soon-to-be stepsister in hopes of becoming the maid of honor in their parents' wedding.


Title: Fearfully Wonderfully Mermaid

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: Shelly and her friends love playing mermaids, but Tiara makes waves when she insists they wear two-pieces. Shelly must cover her sea-cret for fear her mer-mates might judge her. But the tides turn when she realizes she's FEARFULLY WONDERFULLY MERMAID.


Title: My Feel-Better Box

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: When Mommy gets a new schedule and has to work the hospital night shift, June’s heart hurts. She tries fixing it, but nothing makes her feel better. June wonders if Mommy still loves her. When there’s a knock on the door, and the nanny delivers a special gift, June learns that Mommy is near, even when she’s far away.


Title: Construction Cake

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: Digger and his crew get dusty and dirty when they scoop, mix, bake, and decorate a birthday cake for a special vehicle, but when it comes time to light the candles, they’re nowhere to be found. Digger must think quick before the birthday truck arrives, or else he won’t get to make a special birthday wish.


Title: The Yawning Book

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: Yawwwwwn. Pardon me, I can’t help myself. Every time you turn my page, I yawn. It’s true. I’m a book, and I can yawn. But I can’t fall asleep. Will you help me get some energy out, cool off, and relax so my pages can turn in for the night?


Title: Aquilles: The Bravest Porcupine

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: Aquilles is brave. Except when it comes to using his words. When he gets the chance to earn his bravery badge, Aquilles must grow a spine to conquer his fear. In the end, he learns that sometimes the bravest act of all is speaking up.


Title: Chocolate Chocolate Choo Choo

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: Chocolate chocolate choo choo! This sweet train must deliver desserts to a birthday, but instead, shares his tasty cargo with friends in need. Worried he's got nothing for the party, Chocolate Choo finds a way to churn up the sweetest solution.


Title: Cowgirl Camp

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: Priscilla Ann Tuttlewick is no cowgirl. But she better become one, or else Cousin Carly will push her into a cow pie. At camp, Priscilla learns the ropes yet falls short at the rodeo. In the end, she proves that real cowgirls aren’t ever on a high horse.


Title: Circle Gets in Shape

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: Circle is proud of his curves until the city signs make him feel bad. When he goes to Geometry Gym, he meets a group of trainers who try to whip him into shape. When none of the trainers can agree on which exercises are best, Circle sees his curves in a new way, realizing that everyone looks at getting in shape from a different angle.


Title: Dance for Daddy

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: A young dancer and her daddy go through the rhythms of recitals year after year. But one year, everything changes. Daddy's seat moves up a little higher. And the dancer's heart feels a little bit heavier. When she tries to dance, she fumbles and falls, deciding it's finally time to turn off the music, until... her teacher tells her how to keep her song playing, even when other people's songs have stopped.


Title: The Battle Between Mud and Soap

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: Mud and Soap do not get along. Mud claims Soap is boring. His bubbles pop. Soap claims Mud is no fun. He’s dirty. When their argument escalates, Mud accidentally splatters Soap, and it turns into a messy brawl. Will the two of them clean up their act and find middle ground?


Title: How to Keep a Secret

Finished picture book manuscript

Pitch: Diary is an expert at getting and keeping secrets. And he’s ready to spill the beans so you can collect secrets just like him. But be careful. Diary lets it slip that he’s been keeping a secret from you, too!

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