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7 Charming Thanksgiving Books Published Between 2016-2021

Here are six picture books and one chapter book all revolving around Thanksgiving, turkeys, and thankfulness. Three of the books were published in 2021, one in 2020, one in 2019, one in 2017, and the other in 2016.

Mickey’s Thanksgiving by Editors of Studio Fun International (published 9/14/2021)

When Mickey sets the table, he realizes he only made the turkey and none of the side dishes! What will he do? This is a cute board book that kids can touch and feel the different textures inside. It also includes scratch and sniff components. Kids who love Mickey and his friends will love celebrating Thanksgiving with him in this adorable board book.

We Give Thanks by Cynthia Rylant (published 9/7/2021)

A sweet rhyming book that lists all the things to be thankful for—clothing, hobbies, nature, family, community members, weather, transportation, family affection, and last but not least, food!

Depicted in the pictures are a variety of cute animal characters. This charming book focuses on being thankful for all the things around us. A good reminder to children and adults about what the Thanksgiving holiday is all about. Thankfulness.

Thanks for Nothing! by Ryan Higgins (published 9/7/2021)

Poor Bruce the bear is trying to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, but his mice friends are getting into all the food! Now, Bruce has nothing for the feast. But these silly mice still make the best of the situation. The climax will have you and your kids laughing. Talk about always looking on the bright side! I loved the humor in this book!

Dino-Thanksgiving by Lisa Wheeler (published 9/1/2020)

This book talks about all the things that happen on Thanksgiving—traveling in a busy airport, the famous Thanksgiving Day parade, football games, and food! The dinos share what they’re thankful for, but chaos ensues at the table! Afterwards, the dinos clean up and get a little exercise. And they look ahead to another happy holiday! It’s a fun book for kids who love dinosaurs and a way for parents to get kids excited about all the fun Thanksgiving festivities.

Nancy Drew Clue Book: Turkey Trot Plot (published 9/3/2019)

This is the cutest chapter book about a Thanksgiving mystery. If you love chocolate and Thanksgiving, you’ll be eating up this story as fast as possible. I highly recommend it to your kids aged 6-9 (or you can read it aloud to them if they’re not quite ready for chapter books, yet).

Nancy and her friends are set to race in the turkey trot, hoping to win the coveted prize: a chocolate turkey! But, when the chocolate turkey goes missing, Nancy and her Clue Crew set off to find out who’s the culprit and why they stole it! Only 90 pages long, with big text and a few black-and-white pictures, this charming chapter book is sure to be a quick read right before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving in the Woods by Phyllis Alsdurf (published 10/17/2017)

This cozy Thanksgiving book is based on a true story. A family in Upstate New York has been celebrating Thanksgiving in the woods with family and friends for over two decades, and this is the story that shares their wonderful tradition. A family gets ready for the holiday and sets up tables, firewood, and food for the guests. Others pitch in and help, too. On the big day, everyone gathers together and brings dishes to share in this heartwarming celebration. I definitely recommend this book if you want all the cozy Thanksgiving feelings of love and togetherness.

God Gave Us Thankful Hearts (published 8/23/2016)

Thankfulness + God + Hibernation= a book with lots of great layers! I loved how this book taught my kids how to be thankful, while also giving credit to God, while also introducing my kids to the concept of hibernation.

Lil Pup is sad that it’s close to winter now. He won’t get to play with his friends since they’ll all be hibernating. Lil Pup focuses on the things he’s not thankful for, but he soon learns that having a thankful heart means focusing on the things we should be grateful for, not all the things we aren’t happy about. In the end, Lil Pup sees God’s goodness and is thankful for the many blessings of the season.

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