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Sincerely, Diary

Written by: Maryna Doughty

Illustrated by: Kaitlin Yang

A novel for ages 8-12. Coming Nov. 4, 2023

Where’s the safest place to keep your deepest secrets?

After a summer school teacher threatens to contact her parents over a concerning personal narrative assignment, sixth grader Annamarie Nilsson vows to only write her secrets in a diary. Secrets like wanting a best friend. And envying her dad’s favoritism of her younger sister. And the fact that she’s been spying on the neighbor girl who buries things in the creek.

What Annamarie doesn’t expect is that her diary can write back to her!

Diary encourages Annamarie to stay true to herself. However, she slowly makes changes to win her dad’s approval and the popular girls’ acceptance.

But will someone find out her secrets and put Annamarie’s reputation on the line? Unfortunately, Annamarie isn’t the only one hiding things. It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

*Parental Notice: Content references abortion on pages 301-302.

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